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Hiring Service

Hire Amazing Remote Staff From The Philippines

Use Shepherd to find amazing staff from The Philippines for up to 80% less than US equivalents.

Did you know?

You can hire amazing full-time remote employees for around $10,000 USD per year in The Philippines.

  • Excellent English skills and already experienced with working remotely.
  • Talented individuals in sales, operations, customer support, finance, programming, creative, and more.
  • Culture fit! Candidates we send you are heavily influenced by US culture. That means you'll probably have a lot in common with your new Filipino colleagues.

...but it's hard to find the good ones.

Finding great employees overseas can be tough.

We've always wanted to hire globally but have struggled to find great candidates. That all changed when we started working with Shepherd.
Andrew Wilkinson, Managing Partner at Tiny

That's where we come in.

Let us find your next favorite employee.

  • Utilize our 10+ years of experience hiring for our own businesses.
  • Headhunter team of 100+ based in The Philippines
  • Robust database of vetted candidates
Our Approach

What to expect when you work with us

Hit the 'Start Hiring' button. Tell us about the role you're looking to fill. We'll get to know each other and the job you're looking to fill.
We begin our talent search for your specific role. We'll interview and screen until we find 3 candidates that are well suited for your job.
Once we're confident we've found 3 great options, we'll present them to you. We'll then help you schedule interviews with the candidates to choose your favorite.
Upon successful placement of a great candidate, you pay a one-time fee that's 35% of the assumed first year's salary of the candidate. (We offer a 90 day guarantee)
What's Possible

Lower your costs by up to 86%

Here are some of the roles we can fill with amazing people

Download our salary guide

Get the complete picture of salaries for various jobs for remote staff in The Philippines.

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Ready to work together?

We'll find you amazing remote employees in The Philippines.