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How a Logo Design Studio Hired A Full-Time Content Creator and Marketer for $1,400/month

Learn how our clients utilize Shepherd to hire top overseas talent.
Success Stories is a regular series all about the talent our clients hire via Shepherd and how much they cost. New here? Shepherd is a headhunter agency that helps small businesses hire top overseas talent for 80% less than US equivalents.

Editors note: some customers prefer not to be named, so we’ve purposefully removed their company name in this article. We’re their secret weapon :-)

What does this client’s business do?

The client helps brands create a professional logo for their business, wherever in the world they may be. They also offer various branding-related services, such as creating your brand book which includes your business’s color palette, font type, and design guidelines. Need help in thinking of your business name? You can also count on them for it.

To date, the client has helped create more than 5 million logos for companies and organizations worldwide.

Who was hired and what was their role?

At Shepherd, the design studio was able to hire Kari Amarnani—a passionate and experienced content creator.

Now a full-time content creator and marketer, she now:

  • Publishes optimized, original content for the design studio
  • Maximizes opportunities for link building, content creation, and guest posting
  • Writes SEO-friendly articles based on identified topics and keywords, and publishes them on the company’s blog and relevant third party websites

Equipped with tools such as SEM Rush, Ahrefs, and Google Analytics, Kari is able to research, write, and publish articles independently. She helps them increase site traffic and ultimately, sales.

What is the salary of the individual they hired?

Kari now works full-time in the client’s time zone for $S1,400/month.

What was the candidate’s background prior to being hired?

Kari’s experience in working with a design company makes her an excellent fit for the role. Her background—which includes SEO writing, keyword research, and Google analytics matches the client’s requirements.

Need to hire a Content Creator for your organization? Talk to us at Support Shepherd.

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