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How a Personal Care Appliance Company Hired A Video Editor for $1,200/mo

Learn how our clients utilize Shepherd to hire top overseas talent.
Success Stories is a regular series all about the talent our clients hire via Shepherd and how much they cost. New here? Shepherd is a headhunter agency that helps small businesses hire top overseas talent for 80% less than US equivalents.

Editor’s note: some customers prefer not to be named, so we’ve purposefully removed their company name in this article. We’re their secret weapon :-)

What does this client’s business do?

The client is a small appliance company focused on personal care. They invented a device that can clean the ears sans cotton swabs.

Who was hired and what was their role?

They needed a video editor who can create social ads for them. These ads will be published on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. At Shepherd, we helped them source Jean Kiefer Gonzales, a talented video editor.

Kiefer joined them full-time, creating engaging video ads that can help them strengthen their online presence and grow their sales. He collaborates with a production studio who renders the 3D/CGI animations he incorporates in the ads.

What is the salary of the individual they hired?

Kiefer now works full-time in the client’s time zone for $1,200/month.

What was the candidate’s background prior to being hired?

The company liked how Kiefer has experience in creating social ads for various platforms. It matches what they were looking for in a video editor. He also has experience in various video editing apps such as Adobe Premiere and After Effects. He also has a solid background in video production, including post-production, sound mixing, coloring, and editing. He has been part of production teams that created videos for TV, online ads, documentaries, infomercials, and also film. Interestingly, the multitalented video editor has signed as a recording artist of one major music label in the Philippines.

Although he was laid off from his last work because of the pandemic, we are glad to have connected him to his new company. He can continue to showcase his talent while helping the business grow.

When you eed to hire a video editor, get in touch with us at Support Shepherd.

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