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How a Property Tax Consulting Firm Hired 5 Full-Time Customer Support Reps for $800/mo Each

Learn how our clients utilize Shepherd to hire top overseas talent.
Success Stories is a regular series all about the talent our clients hire via Shepherd and how much they cost. New here? Shepherd is a headhunter agency that helps small businesses hire top overseas talent for 80% less than US equivalents.

Editors note: some customers prefer not to be named, so we’ve purposefully removed their company name in this article. We’re their secret weapon :-)

What does this client’s business do?

This client is an industry leader of property tax consulting helping investors obtain the best deals for commercial and residential properties. This 8-year-old company is based in Dallas, Texas and has been growing rapidly over the years.

They turned to Shepherd as they expanded their team.

Who were hired and what were their roles?

At Shepherd, we were able to source five highly competent customer service representatives named Elizabeth, John, Karren, Detzlyn, and Katrina.

They now take care of answering customer emails, answering inbound phone calls, explaining services, and collecting information in order to send potential clients a representation agreement.

What is the salary of the individuals they hired?

All five agents are working full-time in the client’s time zone for 800 USD/mo.

What was their background prior to being hired?

Prior to being hired, Elizabeth, John, Karren, Detzlyn, and Katrina have been in customer service for 5-10 years. Elizabeth was even handling her own team, working on mortgage banking inquiries, research, root cause analysis, customer service, payment reconciliation, refund requests, home lending inquiries, and other general bank inquiries.

With all five having good communication skills, it is no surprise that Katrina was once a product trainer in a credit card company and was also an online English teacher.  

Having the right set of qualifications, they make a great addition to our client’s growing team.

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