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How an eCommerce Agency Founder Hired a Full-Time Executive Assistant for $900/mo

Learn how our clients utilize Shepherd to hire top overseas talent.
Success Stories is a regular series all about the talent our clients hire via Shepherd and how much they cost. New here? Shepherd is a headhunter agency that helps small businesses hire top overseas talent for 80% less than US equivalents.

Editors note: some customers prefer not to be named, so we’ve purposefully removed their company name in this article. We’re their secret weapon :-)

What does this client’s business do?

This client is the founder of an e-commerce growth agency, a podcast producer, a writer, and entrepreneur whose works have helped build some of the largest eCommerce businesses worldwide.

Launching a podcast, publishing a book, and starting new businesses, the second half of his 2020 was looking overwhelmingly hectic and he needed help pronto!

Shepherd was more than happy to help find him the Executive Assistant he needed.


Who was hired and what was their role?

Shepherd was able to find an agile, well-experienced, and resourceful Executive Assistant named Novelyn.

Novelyn now takes care of the following tasks.

  • Personal Email Management
  • Finding and booking guests for his podcast
  • Conducting research
  • Taking care of the client’s guesting, speaking engagements, and podcast appearances

What is the salary of the individual they hired?

Novelyn works full-time in the client’s timezone for $900 USD/month.


What was Novelyn’s background prior to being hired?

Prior to her career as an Executive Assistant, Novelyn started out as a customer service representative. She became a sales consultant and eventually took on roles in recruitment and admin.

Novelyn also has a solid background in project management making her the perfect fit for the demands of the role.

Let us help you find the help you need and enable you to achieve your goals too.

Hire your Executive Assistant through us. We are sure we can find you someone awesome! 

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