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How a Marketing, Advertising, and Design Studio Hired A Full-Time Graphic Designer for $1,100/mo

Learn how our clients utilize Shepherd to hire top overseas talent.
Success Stories is a regular series all about the talent our clients hire via Shepherd and how much they cost. New here? Shepherd is a headhunter agency that helps small businesses hire top overseas talent for 80% less than US equivalents.

Editors note: some customers prefer not to be named, so we’ve purposefully removed their company name in this article. We’re their secret weapon :-)

What does this client’s business do?

Believing in creative leadership, the marketing, advertising, and design studio applies a refreshing approach to helping clients engage their customers. Their diverse team of experts translates ideas to various creative solutions such as marketing strategies, websites, and marketing automation platforms.

Who was hired and what was their role?

Given the nature of the company, the client needed a graphic designer with a strategic design thought process. While they need someone who knows how to work on the Adobe Creative Suite and has a working knowledge of website and e-mail builders, they also needed an organized, dependent creative who finds joy in collaboration.

Meeting these requirements, we helped them hire graphic artist Ian Florence Reyes.

Now a full-time graphic designer for the Marketing, Advertising, and Design Studio, her daily tasks include:

  • Developing boards, web mock-ups and other work presentation tools as needed for clients and creative partners (printers, programmers, editors, etc.)
  • Assisting the Engagement Lead and Creative Director in reviewing printer proofs, video edits, website roughs, press checks, and other preliminary production deliverables
  • Assisting the team from pre to post-prod (e.g., project research, wrapping up the project, and production delivery)

What is the salary of the individual they hired?

Ian Florence now works full-time in the company’s time zone for $1,100 USD/month.

What was the candidate’s background prior to being hired?

Prior to joining the team, Ian Florence worked for one of the biggest products in the Philippines. She has been a designer for more than four years and has gained experience in creative design (both for print and online). Her skills include editing graphics, improving UI/UX for apps and websites, and designing corporate newsletters.

Along with her experience, her passion for the arts, desire to express her creative ideas, and flexibility make her the perfect fit for the Marketing, Advertising, and Design Studio.

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